How to Fix Outlook 2016 Search not Working

Some of the time, clients think that its hard to comprehend and execute Outlook Search with each refreshed adaptation of the application. In the event that you just overhauled your desktop email customer to the most recent rendition, you additionally may be confronting ‘MS Outlook 2016 Search not working’ issues.

Since Outlook is a most mainstream email customer being utilized to send and get mass messages in a noteworthy number of associations just as an individual level; it must be kept up and overhauled all the time.

Note: If you find that issue is identified with harm in MS Outlook PST database document at that point, attempt PST Repair Software to make Outlook mistake free and to fix “outlook 2016 search not working” Problems.

Now and again, the Search calculation incorporated into MS Outlook doesn’t work suitably as wanted. If so, all you have to do is simply remain quiet and attempt some goals techniques to fix Outlook 2016 moment search not working mistake.

At the point when Outlook Search Shows ‘No Results Found’ Status

Without a doubt, ‘Search’ is one of the huge highlights the application offers. It not just assists with playing out a specific search following a characterized measure yet additionally assists with exploring through messages and other letter box segments productively. The search calculation may fuse various types of glitches, for example, totally ill-advised yields or no/clear outcomes.

Fix Outlook 2016 Search Issues

At the point when the tool stops working appropriately; it would either show search results up to a specific date or it will show that there are things dependent on search criteria standing by to be recorded in the yield board. Right now, could be a mistake or issue with Windows Indexing administrations.

· There could be numerous issues in Outlook 2016 answerable for Outlook 2016 moment search not working issue as are the arrangements.

· Purposes behind ‘Outlook 2016 Search Not Working’ Problem “When Outlook Search Shows ‘No Results Found’ Status”:

· Outlook Marked for Indexing

Outlook’s Search result turns out clear in light of the fact that the Search highlight stopped working. There is a likelihood that Outlook will most likely be unable to check its information documents for ordering. However, Outlook 2016 gives a simple method to break down whether the letter drop is listed or not. You can do this by executing the accompanying advances:

I. Open Outlook 2016, click ‘Document’ menu, at that point ‘Alternatives’ and ‘Search’ button

Or on the other hand

ii. Go to Control Panelii. Snap ‘Ordering Options’ and afterward select ‘Change’ tab

iii. In ‘Listed Locations’ window, confirm if the Outlook information record is ordered

iv. Then again, you can choose the alternative to file Outlook totally, or quit the ordering choice, whenever wanted

Fix Outlook 2016 Search Issues

Note: The past forms of Outlook don’t permit choosing OST or PST document to Index, while in Outlook 2016, you can decide to file the application itself.

While browsing if the Outlook messages are filed or not, you should likewise debilitate and afterward empower the application from the ‘Ordering Options’ window. Deselect Outlook by checking the checkbox and close the application. Sit tight for 5 minutes and afterward open ‘Undertaking Manager.’ Check if Outlook.exe is as yet running in ‘Procedures’ tab. Next, return to choose Outlook for ordering.

OST/PST Corruption

Debasement could be a potential explanation for the failing of the moment Search not showing ongoing messages include. Dissect the record and fix it utilizing the ScanPST.exe tool. This is the well known ‘Inbox Repair Tool’ incorporated with all the adaptations of MS Outlook email customer. In File Explorer window, open ‘This PC’ and afterward type ‘ScanPST.exe’ in the Search box. Running this tool will fix any current harmed or defiled OST just as PST on the framework.

How to fix the ‘Outlook 2016 Search Not Working’ Problem

Modify Outlook Index

The bit by bit methodology to reconstruct the Outlook Search Index is:

I. Open Outlook 2016, Click the ‘Record’ menu, select ‘Choices’ and afterward pick ‘Search’ that is accessible on the left half of the window.

Or on the other hand

Open ‘Control Panel’ on your Windows PC

ii. Snap the ‘Ordering Options’ button and afterward ‘Progressed’

iii. In the ‘Propelled Options’ window, select ‘List Settings’ tab and snap the ‘Revamp’ button

Note: A ‘Remake Index’ discourse box opens showing the message that the ‘list may set aside a long effort to finish.’

iv. Snap OK to begin reconstructing the file.

v. Restart Outlook to check ‘Search’ usefulness, after the procedure to reconstruct files finishes

fix outlook 2016 search issues

Reconstructing the-Index

Note: Index Rebuilding Process

The search highlight doesn’t work while the ‘file revamping’ process is in progress. In this way, don’t meddle with outlook search not working 2016 during the procedure.

The time taken to remake files relies upon framework determinations, the quantity of messages to be recorded, and the measure of information in each email.

2. Fix degenerate or harmed Outlook PST document

Degenerate or harmed Outlook PST document is a potential explanation for the breaking down of the Instant Search include. Subsequently, examine and fix the PST record by utilizing either the scanpst.exe tool or a PST document fix programming, for example, Stellar Repair for Outlook.

Fix Outlook 2016 Search Problems

Final Words

Of the numerous Outlook issues, Outlook 2016 Search issue is another one. This blog gives itemized steps on how to fix degenerate or harmed PST document and resolve this issue with respect to Outlook ordering administrations. Right now, encourages you fix the ‘Outlook 2016 Search not working’ issue with the goal that you get right outcomes when you search for any thing in Outlook.

In the event that the degenerate Outlook information record is the explanation for the wrong usefulness of Outlook ‘Search’ include, you can fix the PST document by utilizing Stellar Repair for Outlook or Inbox Repair Tool (scanpst.exe). Both of these utilities can fix PST document and recuperate the whole letter box information. After the harmed PST record gets fixed, the ‘Search’ highlight would work appropriately.

However, Stellar Repair for Outlook is suggested as it gives a few advantages — bolsters scrambled Outlook information record recuperation, shows the review of recouped letter box information before sparing, can spare the recuperated Outlook information documents as EML, MSG, RTF, PDF and HTML record, and the sky is the limit from there. You can get to these records on different email customers, and some of them without a particular stage. The product works consummately in the vast majority of the situations when the Inbox fix tool neglects to determine the issue.

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