How to Change Outlook Password

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5 min readMay 13, 2020


What was the last time you changed the password for your Outlook email account? One of the means you can take to remain safe online is to change your passwords normally. Picking a solid password that isn’t anything but difficult to figure is essential to make sure about your email address. In the event that you are searching for an itemized manage on how to change Outlook password on a few gadgets by means of numerous techniques, at that point this is the best site to experience.

There are different approaches to figure out how to change Outlook password and all the conceivable

How To Change Outlook Password in Windows?

There are a few different ways to change the Outlook password, the beneath referenced technique is through ‘Outlook Connected Accounts’. Peruse and follow the means individually.

Technique One:

Stage 1: Open your Outlook email account on Windows and snap on ‘Record’

Stage 2: Select the ‘Data’ alternative and double tap on the ‘Record Information’ to open it

Stage 3: Choose the ‘Record Settings’ alternative and a window will open on your screen

Stage 4: Now, click on the alternative of ‘View or change existing email records’

Stage 5: You will be shown all the dynamic Outlook email accounts, under the ‘Name’ and ‘Type’ area

Stage 6: Select the record you would need to change the login password for and explore yourself towards the upward course to tap on ‘Change’

Stage 7: Under your email address, enter the ‘New Password’ and snap on the ‘Following’ tab

When you endeavor to follow the previously mentioned advances your Outlook login password will be changed. Presently, sign in to your Outlook profile with another login password.

Strategy Two: How To Change Outlook Password by means of

In this strategy, you have to visit the official site of the Outlook email administrations. Clients who don’t have an Outlook programming or application, can follow the ensuing advances and change their login password.

Stage 1: Open your working framework and head to the official site of Outlook

Stage 2: Navigate yourself towards the ‘Sign-in’ alternative and give the accompanying Outlook login qualifications

Email Address for instance (


Stage 3: Hit the button of ‘Sign-in’ and get to your record

Stage 4: Navigate yourself towards the ‘Settings’ tab and snap on ‘Regular Settings’

Stage 5: Drop down the segment of Common Settings and select ‘Record Settings’

Stage 6: Double-click on the ‘Password’ choice and give your ‘Current Password’ to breeze through the check assessment.

Stage 7: Now, enter the ‘New Password’ and hit the button of ‘alright’ to complete the way toward changing Outlook password

Congrats! Your Outlook password has been changed. For security purposes, you will be diverted to the Outlook login page, where you should enter the new login accreditations to get to your email account.

Strategy Three: Change Outlook Password From Outlook Data File

Stage 1: Open the Outlook email record and snap on the ‘Tools’

Stage 2: Drop down the area and snap on the third-last choice that is ‘Record Settings’

Stage 3: In the new page, after the ‘Email’ tab, move your cursor towards the following and snap on the ‘Information Files’

Stage 4: Now, you will be shown the rundown of the information documents, select an ‘Information File’ and hit the button of ‘Settings’

Stage 5: An ‘Individual Folders’ tab will open on your screen, explore yourself towards the ‘Change Password’ and snap on the ‘alright’ button

Stage 6: Under the ‘Change Password’ box, give the ‘Old Password’ to affirm your personality

Stage 7: Enter ‘Another Password’ and reappear the equivalent to ‘Confirm Password’

Stage 8: Now check the choice of ‘Spare this password in your password rundown’ and hit the button of ‘alright’

Ensure you should enter the right present password, it is a key to change your Outlook login password, without entering the right password you can’t change it. Have you overlooked your Outlook the underneath content?

Strategy Four: how to change password in outlook Without Knowing the Current Password?

On occasion, due to not playing out the total login system we overlooked our login password and couldn’t get to it on different telephones. Here are the means you should follow on the off chance that you need to change your Outlook password without recalling the first one.

Stage 1: If you are as of now signed in to your record, explore yourself towards the ‘Log Out’ and click the button

Stage 2: Head to the Outlook login page and give your Email Address

Stage 3: Skip the tab of ‘Password’ as you don’t recollect your password.

Stage 4: Click on the ‘Can’t Sign In’

Stage 5: Once, you click on it, you will be headed to the page ‘For what reason wouldn’t you be able to sign it?’, click on the ‘I overlooked my Password’ from the given choices

Stage 6: Welcome to the ‘Recuperate Account’ page, in the ‘Email or Phone’, enter your extra email address or related telephone number and snap on the ‘Following’

Stage 7: The framework will request to affirm your ‘Telephone Number’, tick the shown telephone number on the off chance that you are as yet dynamic on it and snap on ‘Send Code’

On the off chance that, you have lost the shown number, follow the ensuing advances

Stage 7: Click on the ‘I don’t have any of these’ and you will be coordinated to the ‘Survey’ page. Here, enter the right subtleties related with your Outlook profile

Stage 8: If you fill the poll accurately or enter the right code, you will be coordinated to the ‘Reset Your Password’ page.

Stage 9: Now, enter ‘Another Password’ of in any event eight characters and return the equivalent ‘New Password’ to affirm your decision and snap on the ‘Spare’ to roll out the improvements.

The previously mentioned advances will impact immediately in the wake of actualizing them, presently sign in to your Outlook account. On the off chance that, later on, you need to change the Outlook password, visit a similar page of how to change password in Outlook and rehash the means.

How to Change Password On Outlook On Android?

This segment is for every one of those Android clients who have been stuck in changing their Outlook email passwords. Follow the underneath referenced advances and change your Outlook password.

Stage 1: Open ‘Play Store’ and type: Outlook for Android and hit the ‘Enter’ the button

Stage 2: Click on the ‘Introduce’ button and let the application downloaded

Stage 3: Now, open the application and go to the ‘Menu’ and include your Outlook profile by click on the ‘Include Email Account’

Stage 4: Go back to the login page and give your outlook login certifications to sign in to your record

Stage 5: Navigate yourself towards ‘Profile Settings’ and select the choice of ‘Change Password’

Stage 6: Provide your present password and enter ‘Another Password’

Stage 7: Retype the equivalent new password to affirm your decision

Stage 8: At last, to spare the changes hit the button of ‘Change the Password’.

Subsequent to following the previously mentioned advances you will figure out how to change password on Outlook on your Android gadget.

All the previously mentioned strategies are exceptionally viable, by tailing at least one of the techniques you more likely than not had the option to change the Outlook login password. On the off chance that on the off chance that you were unable to follow any progression, our specialized specialists are 24*7 accessible. Start a discussion with our specialists and get your concern understood in a jiffy.