Comcast Email Settings on iPad and iPhone

Comcast is a well known Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the United States that gives free email records to the individuals who buy in for administration through the ISP. A typical undertaking that Comcast supporters face is designing their email program to download and send email utilizing their Comcast email account. Comcast email underpins all significant email programs available and can be utilized for secure and non-secure POP3 email.

Step by step instructions to Configure Comcast Email in Outlook Express

Stage 1 — Double snap the program symbol on the PC’s work area or select “Program Files” under the “Start” sub-menu to open Outlook Express.

Stage 2 — Select “Instruments,” “Records,” “Include,” and “Mail” to run the Internet Connection Wizard on the off chance that it doesn’t begin naturally.

Stage 3 — Select the “Make another Internet Mail Account” radio catch on the off chance that it isn’t as of now chose, at that point click “Next.”

Stage 4 — Enter a name for the email account in the in this way shown menu box and snap “Next.”

Stage 5 — Enter the full Comcast email address on the hence shown screen at that point click “Next.”

Stage 6 — Select “POP3” on the drop down menu currently showed and enter “” in the “Approaching mail (POP3, IMAP, or HTTP) server” field. Enter “” in the “Active mail (SMTP) server,” at that point click “Next.”

Stage 7 — Enter the email account name in the “Record name” field. The record name is the piece of an email address before the “@” image. Enter the record secret phrase in the “Secret word” content field. Check “Recall secret word” with the goal that the record consequently signs in when Outlook Express is opened. This choice ought not be checked if the client likes to physically enter the secret phrase.

Stage 8 — Click “Next” and “Finish” to finish setting up this period of Comcast Email settings.

Stage 9 — Highlight the record just made in the “Web Account” window and snap “properties.”

Stage 10 — Check “My server requires confirmation” at that point click “Settings.”

Stage 11 — Choose the “Utilization same settings as my approaching mail server” choice in the “Active mail server” box, at that point click “alright.”

Stage 12 — Click “Progressed” and change the “Active Mail SMTP” port number to 587, at that point click “alright” to finish email design.

The most effective method to Configure Outlook for Comcast Email

Stage 1 — Open Outlook and pick “Apparatuses.”

Stage 2 — Select “Email Accounts” and “Include another email account” at that point click “Next.”

Stage 3 — Select “POP3” and snap “Next.” Enter the data in the in this way shown menu to relate the name to be shown when somebody gets your email.

Stage 4–Enter your Comcast email in the “Email Address” box. Make certain to enter the whole email address, not simply the data preceding the “@” image.

Stage 5 — Enter “” in the “Approaching mail server” content field in the wake of picking “POP3” starting from the drop menu.

Stage 6 — Select “SMTP” for the “Active mail server” type “” in the related content field and press enter.

Stage 7 — Enter your record client name in the “Client Name” field and secret key in the “Secret phrase” content field. With the goal for Outlook to recall the secret word, check “Recollect Password.”

Stage 8 — Click “Test Account Settings” to guarantee that the arrangement has been fruitful.

Stage 9 — Choose “More Settings” at that point click “General.” Enter a graphic name for your Comcast email record and afterward click “alright,” “Next,” and “Finish” to finish account setup.

Instructions to Configure Windows Live Mail for Comcast

Stage 1 — Open Windows Live Mail.

Stage 2 — Choose “Instruments” and “Records” at that point click “Include.”

Stage 3 — Enter your Comcast email address and secret phrase alongside the client name to be shown or connected with email from this location.

Stage 4 — Choose “POP3” on the hence shown drop-down menu list and enter “” in the “Approaching Mail” content field.

Stage 5 — Enter “995” in the port box and choose the “SSL” registration.

Stage 6 — Enter “” in the “Active mail” content field and choose the check box to utilize “SSL.” Enter “465” in the port content field and afterward click “next” to finish Comcast email setup in Windows Live Mail.