How do I fix canon printer error b200

The feared B200 Error on your Canon Printer typically shows that the print head has kicked the bucket! Before you go destroying the printer or purchasing another one attempt a portion of the accompanying proposals.

1. Expel all ink cartridges and re-put in new ones.

2. Expel Print Head and completely clean the entirety of the gold contacts on the print head itself. At the point when reintroducing the print head ensure that the lace link connector is solidly connected to the print head itself (this normally applies to more established models).

3. At the point when the print head is out altogether clean it by flushing all ink out under the heated water tap. This video may help — Print head Cleaning

4. The next strategy to attempt is to reload the printers drivers as the canon printer error b200 can be caused now and again by a defiled Driver.

5. Take a stab at killing the printer and unplugging it at the divider for at any rate 2 hours. At times this can work.

6. When in doubt please adhere to the guidelines on this video.

7. Buy another Print Head from canon and introduce it yourself. (this isn’t prescribed as it is typically very little increasingly costly to purchase another printer).

The picture to one side shows the cleaning of the contacts on the print head itself. These should be cleaned completely with either unadulterated liquor or a nonsleek cleaning liquid. On the off chance that these contacts are messy, it can make the B200 error happen.

When cleaning the print head be cautious as the base of the print head is sensitive and won’t endure harsh treatment. This image shows the real piece of the print head where the ink is showered. (between his thumb and forefinger).

The following picture to one side shows the right technique to clean a print head. Just hold it under a high temp water tap and keep the water coursing through until the water confesses all.

This will expel any solidified ink which has cemented within the print head itself.

The print head can be dried after by utilizing a hair drier or essentially via cautiously touching it with a build-up free fabric or paper towel.