A Quick Guide On ProtonMail Login

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5 min readAug 17, 2020


ProtonMail is considered as one of the safest email services providers as it stores only encrypted email messages. This helps the users to secure their data even when their account has been hacked. If you are thinking of creating a new ProtonMail account or want to know ProtonMail login, this is the best guide to go through.

ProtonMail: Account Creation

Here are the correct steps to follow in order to create a new ProtonMail account. While applying the steps mentioned below, make sure that you have access to a secure internet connection.

Note: While signing up for your ProtonMail account, you must keep the IP address with you. No other personal information is required.

Step 1: Start your device and hover on the web browser to open it.

Step 2. Head to the ProtonMail login or ‘Sign up’ website by typing ‘https://protonmail.com/signup’ in the address bar.

If you have landed on the ProtonMail login page, move to the ‘upper-right’ corner and hit the ‘Sign Up for Free’ to arrive on the sign-up page.

If you have arrived on the ‘ProtonMail Sign Up Page’ directly, click on the ‘Sign Up’ option.

Step 3: Choose the ‘Type of the ProtonMail account’ by clicking on the ‘Free’ and drop down its options. Now, Choose the ‘Free Plan’ and proceed to create a new account.

Select a ProtonMail package to get more data, filters, and other email services, and to help the growth of young ProtonMail.

Note: Choose a package to get more storage for emails and memos, filters, and other features.

Step 4: Hit the option of ‘Create Your Account’ and undergo the ‘Username’ and ‘Domain’ tabs,

Step 5: In the following tabs, enter your personal information like

  • Enter your first and last number as per your choice to make it your ProtonMail Username
  • Create an email address by using your ProtonMail mentioned above username, underscores, symbols, and dashes.

Step 6: After entering a unique email address and a username for your ProtonMail account, create a strong password to access the same account.

Step 7: Hit the ‘Password’ tab and fill it with a strong password that must include capital letters, small letters, numbers, symbols.

A password of more than eight characters is stronger. Make sure you remember the password as you will not be able to login to your ProtonMail account without it.

Step 8: Enter the password again to confirm your choice and proceed.

Step 9: In the next tab, type down an alternate email address.

This email address will help you in recovering your forgotten ProtonMail account.

Step 10: When you are done with all the steps, click on the ‘Create an Account’.

By the end of this method, your ProtonMail account will be created. Now, access the ProtonMail login and make further changes to your account.

ProtonMail Login: Access Steps

To log into your ProtonMail account, you must go through the steps mentioned below. While applying the steps on any device (that has access to internet connection), you must keep your ProtonMail Username and Password.

Note: Every browser does not support the ProtonMail webpage. Hence, before applying the entire method, make sure that the browser you are using will support the ProtonMail login page.

Step 1: Head to any internet browser on your computer or laptop and visit the ProtonMail login website by entering the correct URL that is ‘www.protonmail.com login.’

Step 2: On the login page of ProtonMail, under the ‘Sign In’ / ‘User Login’ section, provide the login credentials as follows

  • Username or Email Address
  • Password

Step 3: To make yourself remember for the future login process, click on the ‘Remember Me.’

Step 4: Hit the ‘Login’ button, and you will be successfully logged in.

After following the steps mentioned above and providing the correct ProtonMail login credentials, you will be landed on your ProtonMail account. Now, manage your emails, calendar, notes, etc.

ProtonMail Login: Access Steps Without Password

It is frustrating when you have forgotten your ProtonMail login password and are not being able to log into your account. To access your ProtonMail account without remembering a password, you must go through the steps mentioned below.

These steps will help you recover your ProtonMail account and retrieve your password with the help of your alternative email address.

Step 1: Head to any internet browser on your computer or laptop and visit the ProtonMail login website by entering the correct URL that is ‘www.protonmail.com login.’

Step 2: On the login page of ProtonMail, under the ‘Sign In’ / ‘User Login’ section, provide the correct Username or Email Address

Step 3: Since you have forgotten your ProtonMail login password, move towards the ‘Need Help?’ button and click on it.

Step 4: You will arrive on a new window, click on the ‘Forgot Password?’.

Step 5: You will be asked to choose one from the following, select the fourth option:

  • Username
  • Email Our Support Team
  • Common Login problems
  • Reset Password

Step 6: To continue resetting your Protonmail login password, you will have to enter the details as follows:

  • Username
  • Alternative Email Address (The email address you registered for recovery at the time of Protonmail sign-up process)

Step 7: After entering the details, click on the ‘Reset Password’ option to confirm your choice by clicking on the ‘Confirm’ tab.

If you click on the ‘Confirm’ button, you will not be able to access your older email messages.

Step 8: Visit the ‘Alternate Email Address’ that you have mentioned and check the mailbox.

Step 9: Open an email message you received from ProtonMail and copy the code for the ‘Reset Password’ process.

Step 10: Paste the ‘Reset Code’ in the required box and click on the ‘Submit’ button.

Step 11: Finally, you will be allowed to enter the ‘New Password.’ Enter it twice and hit the button of ‘Reset My ProtonMail login password.’

By the end of the recovering method, you will be able to retrieve your password for ProtonMail login access. Now, to log into your account, you must follow the login steps mentioned in this guide.

We hope this guide made ProtonMail account creation, ProtonMail login, reset password processes easy and convenient for you. If you are seeking any professional advice, leave a comment. Share with your friends and colleagues to help them out with the ProtonMail login process.

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